i feel less like death now, which i suppose is good
last week sucked
its been a long time since i've felt that generally crappy
i'm still fighting some of it
i just wish i'd be sick and get it over with
i hate this drawn out crap

went to the dentist on friday
i didn't get a filling like i was supposed to
he says i either need a root canal or an extraction
fucking great

i got so many questions about the bandana i wore saturday
it was ridiculous, though somewhat amusing
i'm used to having my watch on all the time
and my watch band broke
so i wear my bandana on that wrist now
i did it during tennis too
just a habit i got into
at least three people asked me if i had turned emo
another asked if i started cutting myself

i wonder how long it will take for the fighting to begin again in kosovo
i guarantee it'll happen
serbia's eventually gonna get tired of diplomacy
and take it over by force
and then all hell will break loose



god i'm tired as hell
i wonder how long it'll take for me to get sick
half the people i know are sick with something
only a matter of time before it gets to me

there were so many people working tonight
it was bizarre
and yet, hilary still found tons of shit that wasn't done
it always makes me feel like a bad sup when she does
or when any of them do
i just feel like i'm doing a really crappy job
which i probly am
but it doesn't help when they keep pointing this stuff out

its been a very gray weekend
in terms of how i've felt, not necessarily the weather
though i did really like the weather today
nice and rainy, with the blue/gray sky
made me feel a little better, anyway
whatever i can get, i guess

i should probly keep this short
since i need to be up soon for geography
but i really feel like something is looming
i dunno if its good or bad
but it really feels like something's waiting off in the distance
i wish i knew what it was



somehow everything's gonna fall
right in to place
if we only had a way to make it all
fall faster every day
if only time flew like a dove
god make it fly
faster than i'm falling in love

this time we're not giving up
let's make it last forever
screaming hallelujah
we'll make it last forever

holding on to patience wearing thin
i can't for these eyes to see the end
if only time flew like a dove
we could watch it fly
and just keep looking up

and we've got time on our hands
got nothing but time on our hands

this time we're not giving up
let's make it last forever
screaming hallelujah, hallelujah



i hope every single person
who sends out emails about getting their shifts covered
gets struck by lightning and dies
god they're irritating

speaking of people at the gallery
i'd really appreciate it if they'd quit trying to hook me up
i mean, christ, i go there to work
not be a contestant on a dating show

riddle me this, people
if there are plenty of tables to sit at
and open booths to sit at
including one right next to where you're currently sitting
why would you feel the need to encroach on others?
i'm sitting at a booth right now
and there was [and still is] an empty booth right next to me
and yet, this group of people still felt the desire
no, the NEED
to sit at the same booth i do
and proceed to raucously converse
i hope they die

by the way, its not that they're conversing
the conversing is just annoying
they're having fucking pseudo-intellectual
bullshit philosophical questions, trying to be smart
'what do you think about love', 'why are we here'
all that standard existential bullshit
and they had the most neurotically stupid answers
they were completely off base with their arguments
one dumbass tried contrasting it with a salt shaker
then the girl tried to contrast his contrast
and it was ridiculous

and, in addition to all of that
they were louder than FUCK
i had my ipod turned all the way up
blasting techno in my ear, because
i thought nothing could get through
nothing cuts through THOOMP THOOMP THOOMP
not when its right in your ear
well, guess what, it did
i hope they all get raped with red hot fire pokers
get 3rd degree burns
and die a hideously painful death
while being slowly carved up with rusty steak knives
so they can get tetanus on the way to their demise


fucking fire alarm went off again this morning
i guess there was a sulphur like smell down in 2 south
there were some cops talking to those guys when we came back
fucking went off at 4`30
if i wasn't already awake, i'd have been pissed

one of the guys across the hall from me is getting lucky
dunno which one it is
but that girl is loud



god, today was longer than hell
i actually did go to geography today
since i had a quiz
i've now established an average of 70 on these quizzes
not good, not good

after i finished said quiz
i went to the gallery
where i stayed for an astounding three hours [10-1]
i know, i know, i have no life
but i did meet someone today
some guy sat down in the booth i did since it was crowded
eventually we started talking
i actually had a decent conversation with a complete stranger
and he did actually have a name [kevin]
i haven't had a random act of extroversion in a long time
it was kinda nice

after some calculation
i spent 9.5 hours in the caf today
out of 18 .5 hours of consciousness
jesus christ

i can only hope writing is cancelled tomorrow
that class takes away my will to live
and its my first class of the day
please let her be frozen into her house again



'i has teh tired lolz'
i actually said that today
i think i finally dove headlong off the crazy cliff

speaking of crazy
of my 69 posts [heh, heh, 69, heh heh, ok i'm done]
only 26 of them have been during double digit hours
[meaning 10am-midnight]

also speaking of my misanthropy
people keep bitching about stereo in the dishroom
people in snyder keep bitching its too loud
my solution?
shut your damn windows
and crank your own music
not our fault we can't hear it over the dish machine
quit your whining ya damn pansies



its actually above freezing right now

i feel really stupid trying to explain why i don't get enough sleep
because it sounds stupid when i do
and i always get a dumb look when i do
guess i should just stop talking about it

don't have history tomorrow
maybe i'll get something done in that time
or maybe i'll just waste time on the internet
they're close enough

i really did like the weather today
it certainly seemed to match my mood
tomorrow probly will too

not quite sure what i did
but my knee hurts
probly from when i walked into that damn noodle container
damn thing

i saw michael jordan in the caf this morning
and we hooked up
and it was HOTTT
the end



by the waters of babylon
we lay down and wept for thee, zion
we remember thee, zion