after a quick glance around the blogzorz,
i noticed that it's been about 2 months since my last real post
[i enjoy posting lyrics, but that's a cheap cop–out and doesn't count]
so, instead of posting yet another song for you to [not] listen to,
i'll just talk about music instead, specially my music collection

[this post is brought to you by the above theme]

because i've had little to nothing to do these past three months,
i've had to resort to making my own entertainment
most of my waking time has been devoted to the following activities:
listening to music, surfing the internet, playing flash games, occasionally reading,
and filling out job applications [and drinking tea]
pros of that: it's a great change of pace from the past two/three semesters
cons: i'm not paid to do any of that, i have no car, and no money

so because i've been in my house alone for the past quarter–year,
i've been strapped for things to accomplish
[quick understanding of the way my mind works:
if i'm not getting something done, i feel inordinately guilty for wasting time
it doesn't have to be big or meaningful, it just has to be something]
and i've started doing trivial things to give myself something to do
i rearranged my house's first floor [kitchen/living room/sitting room]
i chopped a metric shit–tonne of wood and kindling,
and [weather permitting] done yard work when necessary
but as useful as those things are,
they're one–and–dones, so there's no follow up or continuous attention needed
so i'm back to square one once they're done
which is how i got on my current kick

once i was finally done with school work and no longer in need of all my files,
i cleaned out my classwork folder from the past 4 1/2 years,
and got all that shit organized, lest i need it again at some point in the future
i would've left it at that, but i came across a horrifying realization that same day:
my hard drive was almost full
my 350gb hard disk, a full 875% more space than my previous laptop had,
was down to its last 800 megabytes
i was completely flummoxed, so i did the one thing i could do:
i started swearing aloud at my computer,
and then i started swearing at myself

since that day, i've gone on a space–saving binge of unmatched proportion
i've delved into all my files and documents, photo albums, and movie folders,
trimming corners and downsizing file sizes where possible,
deleting things i no longer liked/wanted in an attempt to regain some breathing room
most of the space i regained came from my massive movie folder,
since each movie i had was ~700mb, and i deleted about a dozen of them
[except for one movie file, which is grotesquely large and unendingly cumbersome
i'm lookin' at you, history of the devil, all 30.65 gigs of you]
i got myself some spatial breathing room
now i'm down to the movies i like and the movies i want to watch,
as opposed to those plus movies i didn't like, hadn't watched, or didn't want to
but it was downsized nonetheless
but even in the face of all this bulemic bit shit going down like a sweet muffin,
[archaic inside joke, anyone?]
there was one behemoth left untouched, unscathed, and daring me to touch it:
my music library

blogasaurs, my crippling music addiction is both well–documented and unashamed,
but it's time i gave you some numbers to quantify my melodic slavery:
at the start of 2012, my music totaled 90.72 gigs, 15102 songs, and >1038 1/2 hours
it was the product of years of musical attrition starting in august of 2003,
subject to every musical whim i've had since then,
from wanton free itunes downloads, to ganking friends' burned cds,
to shameless mass downloading, to other's massive music collections,
to my own selfish musical hoarding
i'm like the old guy who never throws away newspapers,
like the lady who adopts every cat she finds,
like the people who keep making lolcats
i must have every good piece of music ever made
which is how i ended up with such a leviathan parasite on my hard drive

that was two weeks ago, and i have made serious strides in slaying the fell beast
i've been nothing short of ruthless in culling my music,
deleting everything from albums i was tepid about, to songs i no longer liked,
to shit i never even bothered listening to
it's been a long, ongoing [i'm actually doing it as i type this]
and man is it making all the difference
my itunes is less cluttered, my playlists aren't as bloated,
and there's far less music i don't like on my computer
at current count, i'm down to 84.42 gigs, 14243 songs, ~954 hours,
and the culling ain't over yet
i wouldn't be surprised to see another 6 gigs hit the recycle bin before i'm done
because nothing comes between me and my music, especially my music

i realize i sound like some sort of inspiration weight–loss jagoff about this,but i have to sap every bit of meaning i can from this
remember: i have nothing to do and no one to hang out with
if i can clean up/out my hard drive, it'll at least distract me from being in the mount
besides, i take pride in my musical taste and organization
[as anyone who has seen what i do to my next music can attest to],
and it's high time i get rid of the shit that doesn't deserve to have me listen to it

besides, if i don't clear out enough space,
how am i supposed to keep up with all the new cds that are coming out?
that shit's not gonna catalogue and listen to itself


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