i am a poor pilgrim of sorrow,
tossed out in this wide world alone
i have no promise of tomorrow
i've started to make heaven my home

i know i'm weak and unworthy
my heart is so prone to sin
but jesus, the savior almighty,
has promised to take me in

my mother has reached the bright glory
my father's still wand'ring in sin
my brothers and sisters won't own me
because i'm trying to get in

when friends and relations forsake me,
when troubles grow 'round me so high,
i think of the kind words of jesus
poor pilgrim, i am always nigh



it was a big ol' week in the ncaa last week
i was planning to write a post about it
[something about as long as my posts from earlier this year]
but, i'm not gonna
partially cuz i'm kinda lazy
and mostly cuz i don't think anyone would want to read it
so, instead, i'll give you the short version

first up, the big ten has a new member
last friday, we officially accepted nebraska
i'm still on the fence about it
i don't mind the big ten expanding,
honestly i think it's a good thing,
but i don't think nebraska was the best choice
maybe it's just me
i don't think taking from the big 12 was a good move
i have my reasons [and there are plenty]
and, if you want them, you'll get 'em
otherwise, that's it

speaking of the big 12,
they've now lost two of their members
[nebraska being the second]
earlier in the week,
colorado announced that they'll be joining the pac–10
also, in my opinion, not the best move
of all the teams the pac–10 could've taken
i don't see colorado being their best choice
it's not exactly at the calibre of the other pac–10 teams

and, on the subject of the pac–10,
they've also formally extended an offer to utah
which, supposedly, is gonna accept as early as later today
i'm not really sure what the pac–10 is up to,
but they seem to be reaching a bit far for expansion
the big ten does, too
and that seems kinda ridiculous to me
these two conferences are of the best in the country
they don't need to convince schools to join them
schools would line up for days to become part of them

what bothers me about these moves is this:
they all happened in the past week and a half
nebraska applied and was accepted into the big ten on the same day
colorado's decision took about two days
it really makes me question how these things are handled
obviously meetings have been happening for months
why does it all have to be behind closed doors?
even if the public isn't consulted,
which it probly shouldn't be,
they should at least be aware

the only conference change that makes sense to me is boise state
obviously they have really grown into a powerhouse team
and they have way outgrown the wac
so them moving to mountain west makes perfect sense
and the mountain is really looking to establish themselves,
so what better way than to bolster byu, tcu, and utah?
i think boise state'll do well in mountain west
maybe they'll finally get a shot at a national title now,
which they've definitely earned

if i'm feeling up to it tomorrow,
i might rant about some possible 'future re–alignments',
god knows there's some stupid rumors out there
so, consider this a head's up that this'll continue

also, a last side note
tom izzo's officially staying at msu
who honestly didn't see that coming?


you took your coat off,
and stood in the rain
you were always crazy like that
and i watched from my window,
always felt i was outside
looking in on you
you're always the mysterious one
with dark eyes and careless hair, you were
fashionably sensitive,
but too cool to care
you stood in my doorway
with nothing to say
besides some comment on the weather

well in case you failed to notice,
in case you failed to see
this is my heart,
bleeding before you
this is me,
down on my knees

you were always brilliant in the morning
smoking your cigarettes,
and talking over coffee
your philosophies on art,
baroque moved you,
you loved mozart
and you'd speak of your loved ones
as i clumsily strummed my guitar
you'd teach me of honest things
things that were daring,
things that were clean
things that didn't know what an
honest dollar did mean
i hid my soiled hands behind my back
somewhere along the line,
i must've gone off track with you

well, excuse me,
guess i've mistaken you
for somebody else

somebody who gave a damn,
somebody more like myself

these foolish games
are tearing me apart,
and your thoughtless words
are breaking my heart
you're breaking my heart

you took your coat off,
stood in the rain
you were always crazy like that



there's another way
there must be another way
this is not a game
we will play it anyway

stare into my screen
it gives me what i need
i'm chomping at the bit
to get my drill feed

getting nothing done
i'm getting nothing done
failing all my friends
and i'm failing everyone

i love your stranglehold
i need your stranglehold
just squeeze until i go cold

help me! help me!
you know me better than i knew myself
mayday! m'aidez!
send angels, i'm a danger to myself
you know me better than i knew myself

how long, how long was i sleeping?