i really don't have anything to say
nothing to bitch about that hasn't already been bitched about
and nothing particularly original or candid
shit, i don't even have a 'potatoe'
haven't in a long time
and now i'm complaining about a lack of things to complain about

i haven't gone to geography yet this week
monday i was too tired
today it was too fucking windy
didn't feel like going in the cold and semi-dark
oh well, probly didn't miss much
can't imagine i did, anyway

i've got nothing



they say there's a place where dreams have all gone
they never said where, but i think i know
its miles through the night, just over the dawn
on the road that will take me home

i know in my bones i've been here before
the ground feels the same, though the land's been torn
i've a long way to go, the stars tell me so
on this road that will take me home

love waits for me round the bend, leads me endlessly on
surely sorrows shall find their end, and all our troubles will be gone
and i'll know what i've lost, and all that i've won
when the road finally takes me home

and when i pass by, don't lead me astray
don't try to stop me, don't stand in my way
i'm bound for the hills, where cool waters flow
on this road that will take me home

love waits for me round the bend, leads me endlessly on
surely sorrows shall find their end, and all our troubles will be gone
and we'll know what we've lost, and all that we've won
when this road finally takes me home
i'm going home
i'm going home



yeah, get over it
i made my display name over fancy foreign characters
you'll live

unfortunately, its 4 am
so in about/less than half an hour
it'll be right about the time i went to bed last night
i try to keep it varied
cuz once a pattern tries to set in
its stuck
for a goddamn long time

i'm sure that in a scant few hours or so
that somewhere, mr peter will be very happy
he loves martin luther king jr day
says he always has
i liked seeing the appreciation he had for him
the respect, the ideal to follow his example
pretty sad since hardly he taught ever came close to feeling that
through no fault [detectable, at least] of his own

its snowing again
for damn near the eighth time today
i just wish it would stop
i don't even have a reason to wish that
i have no problem with the snow or the cold
i just desperately wish it would stop
guess the neuroses are finally kicking in
they're eleven days late



this is the second day this week i've seen 5 am come and go
doesn't exactly herald good things

it seems, lately
i've been listening to songs that match the weather
you know
cold, semi-depressing, intrinsic
shit like that
without any conscious effort, either
must just be me

sherfy was sending emily a bunch of websites
the shock/gross out kinds
you know
2girls1cup.com, 2guys1horse.com, bme pain olympics
shit like that
and eventually we got one
of two russian neo-nazis decapitating these two guys
one was tajik, the other dagistani
and emily obviously didn't care for it
since the decapitator used a butcher knife
non serrated, not good for sawing
so it took him a good long while
and when it was finally done, she said
'i dunno whats more disturbing,
that, or the fact that you watched that without so much as blinking'
i guess the internet really does numb you to stuff
either that or you build up a tolerance for videos like that
either way, i can't imagine its a good thing

i really need to go to sleep
since apparently i'm the latitudes student cook tomorrow
so dinner will be dependent on myself
so don't come to latitudes tomorrow
god only knows how it will end



fucking work schedule
there are so many open shifts that need to be taken
and no one wants them
bitches and hoes, man

hopefully i'll be semi-rested by the time 8 rolls around
i'd rather not do the head bob again in geography
but i'll be damn if andresen isn't boring as hell
the class is somewhat interesting
but shit, his delivery is awful
i apparently didn't miss anything in russian either
except genitive case
which will be reviewed until the end of time
so no worries

i really need to try and curb my insomnia
see if there's something i can do to abate it
cuz its fucking with my head again
and i really hate that
and i don't need it, either
alright, i'm done



man do i miss sleeping in
fucking 8`00 wake time
i'm not in high school anymore, damn it
even though that was more 7`00
but i digress
i certainly made up for it friday and saturday
woke at 2 pm and 2`45 pm, respectively

speaking of friday
i had mongolian w/ the bitterest girl in the world, the birthday bitch, and her slave
[emily, allison, and mike]
it was pretty good
and i'll be damned
if our waiter wasn't damn good looking
i almost couldn't help but stare
beautiful boy, just beautiful

i ended up going to work on saturday
even though i wasn't scheduled
i need the scratch, so i figured why not
and i saved decinces from a cruel fate
almost one worse than death

i think i'm done
before the clichés take over my fucking brain



after a hiatus of three and a half years
i finally went back to connecticut
damn did it feel good
i missed so much about it

the cool breeze off the ocean
the smell of low tide
the people [most of them]
the sights [downtown new london, mystic, etc]
my friends kinda laughed at me about it
but trust me
after spending four and a half years in a place like flint
anything seems like paradise
i did only get to spend two weeks there
but it was two weeks well spent
except for
-my filling coming loose [upper left hand side], and
-a tooth getting extracted [lower right hand side]
those both sucked, and kept me inside for a few days
but whatever

and yeah, i did drive
its about 850 miles one way
i stayed over in state college, pa both times
its a nice town, you should go

and, this is what i returned home to
-95 fucking application requests on facebook
-issues with my insurance covering my extraction
-a problem with my msu enrollment
i shouldve just stayed out there