i did my time, and i want out, so abusive
fate, it doesn't cut, the soul is not so vibrant
the reckoning, the sickening, back at you:
subversion, pseudo–sacred psycho virgin

go tell your classes, go dig your graves
then fil your mouth with all the money you will save
sinking in, getting smaller again
undone, it has begun, i'm not the only one

oh there are cracks in the road we lay
from when the devil fell, the secrets have gone mad
this is nothing new, but we would kill it all
fate was all we had

who needs another mess? we could start over
just look me in the eyes and say i'm wrong
now there's only emptiness, but i'm missing something
i think we're done, i'm not the only one

the limits of the dead

fake and defenseless lie [psychosocial]
i tried to tell you first [psychosocial]
your hurtful lies are giving out [psychosocial]
can't stop the killing [psychosocial]
i can't help if it's hunting season [psychosocial]
is this what you want [psychosocial]
i'm not the only one

and the rain will kill us all
if we throw ourselves against the wall
but no one else can see
the preservation of the martyr in me

psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial



bodies fill the fields i see, hungry heroes end
no one to play soldier now, no one to pretend
running blind through killing fields, bred to kill them all
victim of what's said should be, a servant 'til i fall

barking of machine gun fire does nothing to me now
sounding of the clock that ticks, get used to it somehow
more a man, more stripes you wear, gloryseeker trends
bodies fill the fields i see, the slaughter never ends

why am i dying?
kill, have no fear
lie, live of lying
hell, hell is here

i was born for dying

life planned out before my birth, nothing i could say
had no chance to see myself, molded day by day
looking back i realize, nothing have i done
left to die with only friends, alone i clench my gun

soldier boy, made of clay, now an empty shell
twenty one, only son, but he served us well
bred to kill, not to care, do just as we say
finished here, greeting death, he's yours to take away

back to the front
you will do what i say, when i say
back to the front
you will die when i say you must die
back to the front
you coward, you servant, you blind man



i'm comin' outta my cage, and i've been doin' just fine
gotta gotta be down becuase i want it all
it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?
it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

now i'm falling asleep, and she's calling a cab
while he's havin' a smoke and she's takin' a drag
now they're goin' to bed, and my stomach is sick
and it's all in my head

but she's touching his chest, now
he takes off her dress, now
let me go
and i just can't look,
it's killing me and taking control

jealousy, turning saints into the sea
swimming through sick lullabies
choking on your alibis
but it's just the price i pay
destiny is calling me
open up my eager eyes
cuz i'm mr brightside

i never...



ýu ræ sul non fól, ýu ræ sul non fól
ýu ræ so uld nó

ýu ræ son mæ fon, ýu ræ son mæ fon
ýu ræ son mæ fon

ýu sæ gvæ

old sjí rus, old sjí rus
ó læ



in which i compare comments of two professors:
one, who actually had pith, wit, and constructive comments,
and the other, who constantly filled me with rage and confusion

rage and confusion prof:
all i got from this prof was snarky comments,
attacking my ability to write and my choice of words
the kind of prof who is impossible to please,
because of a deep–seated belief that most people are inherently unable to write
but, for someone unknown reason,
grades as though you did nothing wrong
here is but a sample of some of the comments i got on response papers:
  • [in response to the description 'pagan areas of africa'] there were also Less Pagan areas?
  • [in response to a typo] ??? What does this mean?
  • [in response to a typo in a quote] Aha! Cadamosto was 1. not Portuguese, but Venetian and 2. in full command of grammar.
  • [in response to the use of the historical term 'Muhammadan'] What does this mean? We call it “Muslim” nowadays, right?
  • [in response to native Africans being 'intrigued' with new technology] I’m glad that Cadamosto brought his intrigu-o-meter.
  • [in response to my using the word 'intrigued'] Also, don’t use the word intrigued, it means absolutely nothing.
  • [in response to a concluding sentence] this sentence adds precisely nothing, it merely wastes space.
  • [a general critique of on paper] Your paper is generally good, although you have a number of warped phrases in a kind of falsely erudite english—actually the language, widely spoken among undergraduates, called gibberish. Try to say what you mean and mean what you say. Use precise terms and don't argue by suggestion.
  • [in response to my concluding paragraph] This last paragraph isn’t really that interesting. It doesn’t add much to your discussion, does it. Perhaps you could have gone deeper here to make these last sentences worthwhile.
  • [in response to my using the word 'extremely'] avoid adjectives in academic prose, and also adverbs—unless absolutely necessary.
  • [in response to using the word 'redeeming'] This is a loaded word, right?
  • [in response to using the word 'neutral'] It’s a bit too safe of a position, though. Surely the dead Indians did not find the Europeans “neutral”.
  • [in response to the term 'comparably little resistance' to Christian missions] also, comparatively few converts—like none.
final grade for this course: 4.0
given the level of semantic bitching this prof did,
you'd think i warranted a 2.0
what a cocksucker

pith and wit prof:
this prof was actually enjoyable to be in class with
i always got interesting and engaging discussions
along with amusing sentiments and downright oddities
this prof also had a very present sense of humor
which you could catch in virtually any context
here is but one of the emails i got over the course of the semester:

Title: Alien Mind Control
Dear all: Some of you have asked me in a panic when your final drafts are due. Clearly, you silly earthlings, you have not read my mind. I can accept them up until the morning of the 4th, the day when many of you Terrans go shoot off things that make loud noises and scare dogs. That is a Monday by your reckoning. I will see you all on what you call Thursday. I will be the one with the spaceship that has cool landing gear.

which would you rather have?
...that's what i thought