i may or may not be in chicago right now
getting ready to start a 3 day long labor studies conference
at which i am speaking and spending my weekend
sure beats the hell out of sitting at home doing homework, yeah?



rye whiskey makes the band sound better,
makes your baby cuter,
makes itself taste sweeter, oh boy
rye whiskey makes your heart beat louder
makes your voice seem softer
makes the back room hotter, oh but

rye thoughts aren't good thoughts, boys
have i ever told you 'bout the time i…

rye whiskey wraps your troubles up
into a bright blue package
ties a bow around it, oh boy
just throw it on the pile in the corner, see
you're not alone in not being alone tonight, but

rye love isn't good love, boys
have i ever told you bout the time i…

i used to wake up bright and early
got my work done quickly,
held my baby tightly, oh boy
rye whiskey makes the sun set faster,
makes the spirit more willing,
but the body weaker, because

rye sleep isn't good sleep, boys
have i ever told you bout the time i
took it, and took her for granted?
how i took it and took her for granted?
so let's take some and take them all for granted,
oh boy



half underwater, i'm half my mother's daughter
a fraction's left up to dispute
the whole collection,
half off the price they're asking
in the halfway house of ill repute

half accidental
half pain, full instrumental
i have a lot to think about
you think they're joking?
you have to go provoke him
i guess it's high time you found out

it's half biology and half corrective surgery gone wrong
you'll notice something funny
if you hang around here for too
long ago in some black hole,
before they had these pills to take it back
i'm half jill, and half jack

two halves are equal,
a cross between two evils

it's not an enviable lot,
but if you listen
you'll learn to hear the difference
between the halves and have nots

and when i let him in i feel the stitches getting sicker
i try to wash him out,
but like they say, the blood is thicker
i see my mother in my face
but only when i travel
i run as fast as i can run
but jack comes tumbling after

and when i'm brave enough,
and find a clever way to kick him out
and i'm so high,
not even you and all your love could bring me down
on 83rd he never found the magic words to change this fact
i'm half jill, and half jack

i'm halfway home now,
half hoping for a showdown
'cuz i'm not big enough to house this crowd
it might destroy me
but i'd sacrifice my body
if it meant i'd get the jack part out

see jack run jack run jack run jack
see jack run jack run see jack run
see jack run jack, jack see run jack
run jack, run jack, run jack, run jack,
run, jack, run



i wish, i wish my baby was born
and sittin' on its papa's knee
and me, poor girl, we're dead and gone
and the green grass growin' o'er my feet

i ain't ahead, nor never will be
till the sweet apple grows on a sour apple tree
but still i hope the time will come
when you and i shall be as one

i wish, i wish my love had died
and sent his soul to wander free
then we might meet where ravens fly
let our poor bodies rest in peace

the owl, the owl is a lonely bird
it chills my heart with dread and terror
that's someone's blood there on his wing
that's someone's blood there on his feather