странный сон
я вижу отражение себя

столько лет
во мне
все слова

во мне

снова дождь
стучит свои признания луне

этот дождь
наверное не знает обо мне

во мне
во мне
во мне
вся любовь
во мне
всё что есть



мне кажется порою, что солдаты,
с кровавых не пришедшие полей,
не в землю нашу полегли когда–то,
а превратились в белых журавлей.

они до сей поры с времён тех дальних,
летят и подают нам голоса,
не потому ль так часто и печально,
мы замолкаем, глядя в небеса?

летит, летит по небу клин усталый,
летит в тумане на исходе дня,
и в том строю есть промежуток малый,
быть может, это место для меня.

настанет день, и с журавлиной стаей,
я поплыву в такой же сизой мгле,
из–под небес по–птичьи окликая,
всех вас, кого оставил на земле.



easily the funniest thing i've heard all day:

'Roger Sherman is the Pete Best of the Founding Fathers,
in that he "also" served on the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence.'

if you laughed as hard as i did at that,
then you are truly a nerd


brooke marine

no, i'm not



circle of sorrow, let me come in
your secret affair was whispered in there
don't charge me a fare to go back home
it's familiar to me, i'll go it alone

don't try to walk me, but lead me and see
my will is strong, but my heart is weak
hide in the shadows, i'll find you there
fall from the heavens, and i'll catch you in the air

and you'll find a home with me
oh, you'll find a home, with me

hide in the shadows, i'll find you there
fall from the heavens, i'll find you in the air
wait by the river that flows to the sea
swim in the water, that brought you home to me

and, you'll find a home, with me
you'll find a home, with me

circle of sorrow, let me come in
your secret affair was whispering there
don't charge any money to go back home
it's familiar to me, i'll go it alone

but you'll find a home here with me
i said you'll find a home, with me

wait by the river that flows to the sea
oh, swim in the water that brought you home to me
hide in the shadows, i'll find you there
fall from the heavens, and i'll catch you in the air

oh you'll find a home with me
you'll find a home, right here with me



i had one of my best experiences at college yesterday
no, seryusly

i got a text around noon–thirty sunday afternoon
asking if i wanted tickets to the women's basketball game
being the women's bball fan i am,
i immediately said yes and took the offer
but holy shit did i have no idea what i was in for

the reason i got them is thus:
rha does a housing bash/signup/thing every year called 'rock the block'
and they have a raffle they do every year at said bash/signup/thing
you sign up for housing, you get entered
apparently this year's prize was free tickets to the women's bball game
but, because rha took too much time telling people about it,
no one came to pick them up
one of my friends happens to be a deskie who works in abbot
and, seeing that there were multiple tickets available,
asked if they would be available if no one claimed them
they were, so she grabbed a couple and invited some people
i happened to be one of the lucky few

turns out, they weren't just game tickets
they were tickets for box seats
in one of the two boxes available at breslin
[apparently the other one is usually taken by lupe izzo]
so i got to watch the game like this [though slightly more to the left]
which was pretty fucking cool
not only did we get to sit in the luxury suite,
we were fucking CATERED. FOR. FREE
we got anything to have anything they offered
and believe you me, it was pretty damn good food

in addition to that,
it was free tshirt day for students
so i got me a shirt that says 'BEAT PURDUE' on it
and, because students like looking for free stuff,
we found basketball posters in one of the drawers of the kitchenette
so i now have a women's bball poster hanging in my room

the best part of all?
the ladies very thoroughly handled purdue, 76–57
with that, they move up #2 in the big ten
and #11 in the country
hopefully, if they keep playing like they have
[and if the men can't pull themselves together]
and make a strong run through the ncaa tourney,
these women will actually get sold–out home crowds
and the credit they deserve
cuz hot damn, they are good
maybe someday i'll get to see them play uconn
and with that fantasy, i'll stop

i saw this on stumbleupon,
and laughed too hard not to share this:
"As a homosexual MLIAer, can I just say—
stop calling Edward Cullen gay.
We don't want him either. MLIA."


penny sit–up

a moderate collection of thoughts:

people are freaking the fuck out over this blizzard,
and i think it's hilarious
this is the shit we live for, people!
this is what living in the midwest is about
absurd amounts of snow, wind, and cold
just be grateful that msu gave us a snow day

i saw a national guard helicopter fly over on my way back from qd
shit just got serious]

i really lucked out with my choice of classes this semester
after realizing that geology class wasn't for me,
i managed to pick an entomology class with a great prof
go figure
now if only i could get rid of these damn nat/sci requirements,
i'd be all set

i'm debating which video game i should stay up all night playing
current slate:
–grand theft auto III
–king kong
–max payne

as much as i enjoy doing graphic design,
i don't think i could ever do it for a living
i'm not nearly creative/artistic enough for this shit
thankfully most of my stuff doesn't look bad
but it doesn't look great either
at least i'm getting a little better at it

i bought a six–pack last night to drink throughout the week
and, by coincidence, also have an unopened box of cheerios
what does this mean?
tonight, i'm having beerios