today's on fire
the sky is bleeding above me, and i am blistered
i walk these lines of blasphemy every day, and still

i feel diseased
is there no sympathy from the sun?
the sky's still fire
but i am safe in here, from the world outside

so tell me
what's the price to pay for glory?

like a bad star, i'm falling faster down to her
she's the only one who knows, what it is to burn

today is fire, and she burns



слава тебе, безысходная боль!
умер вчера сероглазый король.

вечер осенний был душен и ал
муж мой, вернушись, спокойно сказал:

"знаешь, с охоты его принесли,
тело у старого дуба нашли.

жаль королеву. такой молодой!
за ночь одну она стала седой."

трубку свою на камине нашёл
и на работу ночную ушёл.

дочку мою я сейчас разбужу,
в серые глазки её погляжу.

а за окном шелестят тополя:
"нет на земле твоего короля..."



first of all
i'd like to extend a broad 'fuck you' to non–steeler fans
we're just that goddamn good
get used to it

god that game was a glorious thing
s'why football is good for me
it's something i actually have a vested interest in

and speaking of football
what the fuck is up with all the staff changes going on?
i understand a some of them, but seriously
11 teams have gotten new head coaches
11? how many of them really needed that
obviously the lions needed to get rid of marinelli
and nolan wasn't doing san fran any favors
but seriously?
some of these coaches had winning records
oh well
i'll be damned if i can understand what those people think
all i know is this:
mike tomlin's gonna be around a long fucking time

that is all