for all of us who aren't aware
which, until half an hour ago, included myself:

at 9`38 sunday night there was another school shooting
this time at the university of central arkansas, in conway
from what i've been able to gather
two people have died, and another was treated at the hospital
police have reported that they have caught at least one suspect
and there are at least three more currently being sought
the campus was locked down shortly after the shooting
and classes tomorrow have been cancelled

it took at least three different articles to find that much
what makes me angry about reading this
i had to scour every website i could find to get info
this story hasn't broken in at least two different major american news sources
and the ny times only has a few small paragraphs on it
what makes this even worse
there is an article in an australian paper posted two and half hours ago
12`30 am local time, a full hour and a half before the ny times did
you know who else has a longer article than the american news?
the fucking london times
how the fuck does that happen?
how are american news sources that reluctant to break these stories?
and, if the do
why do they bury the headline?

this is absolutely unacceptable
there is no reason for this, none at all
this, of all things, should be THE headline right now
not some blurb buried under sports scores

one more reason to love this country, i guess



currently, that is the longest word i've encountered in russian
the english equivalent? hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

so, hell week has finally began
the plus side?
this time next week it will be completely done with
the down side?
that's another 168 hours from now
though, class wise, this week should be relatively light
here's fucking hoping

also, this is a general note for everyone
everyone who has worked/works with me:
never listen to anything i tell you
apparently i'm completely stupid
so stupid, in fact, i don't know how to do your job, let alone mine
so please, if i tell you to do something
or i tell you something can be done later
for the love of god, just ignore me
always just ask a manager, because they're infallible
they will never steer you wrong, and know all things
and i'm just a lying, moronic supervisor

only two more weeks till the election
then only two and a half months till inauguration
then only two years till the next legislative elections
then only four years till the next federal elections
then only the rest of my life until i could actually give a damn
so fucking tired of hearing about it

i need some booze, and about two days to sleep
also, someone to just fall asleep with/next to
but that's an emo rant even i don't want to hear
so, in lieu of all those
i will have some junk food, sleep about 5 hours
and sleep next to my body pillow
which just happens to be incredibly soft and warm

to reverse the continuous downward slide of my posts
i leave you with this little anecdote/plan:
andy and i have decided we need to have a penguin
not just any penguin, we'll have you know
this penguin, will be a butler penguin
he will also have attack capabilities with attachable weapons
we will teach him to say the phrase 'penguin made a sticky'
he will also be well schooled in the game of jump rope
his name is still in the works, but it will be an epic one


¡joe biden!

easily the most amusing part of the vp debate:
joe biden referring to himself in the third person at least thrice

i really need to think of a decent topic for my history honors option
what with my first kinda topic being shot down
damn him and his specificity and pickiness

honest to god
even though i hate getting up early for any reason
i should probly open the caf more often
sure as hell beats closing all the time

i have an unusually specific anxiety about the upcoming play
and its pretty disconcerting
oh well
it'll happen or it won't, nothing i can do

i've become more social with the guys on my floor?
good thing? bad thing?
up for speculation i suppose
but its pretty decent to have friends who are neighbors
[speaking of neighbors
we really need to weld the door to 2 north shut
very, very soon]

i believe my angry work demeanor may be shifting slightly
i gave my commons workers donuts tonight
along with the two over at brimstone
on second thought, i doubt that it is
cuz i can still go on forever about those i hate
and how i'd like to kill them and dispose of their bodies

i've been really irritated lately
i'm in a very creative mood lately
i've had some [i thought] decent ideas for short stories
but i just can't get anywhere with them
it fucking drives me insane when that happens
perhaps another creative depression is in order

i really need to start doing russian homework again
i haven't done any for at least two weeks

the more often i go to improv practices
the more i feel i don't really say much that's funny
at least not on the fly
i just feel like i'm yelling profanity a lot
that or slinging slurs at someone
neither are necessarily bad
but they're usually not very funny

sometimes i wonder if i'm qualified to teach history
not because i don't think i'll teach well
but because i'm always afraid what i know is subjective
that or its just plain wrong
i dunno why, but it always fucking happens
in every single history class i've had
i always get apprehensive that what i know is wrong
even if its impossible for that to be the case

i think i need to lay off the ink for a while
its not causing any problems
but i've been having some every day
and thats not a good habit to have

and i'm done