everytime i read the title of my last entry
i had to say it out loud
why? cuz i'm weird
and i think it sounds cool

in two and a half [ish] hours, i'll be leaving
fucking finally, man
i haven't been out to ct in years
bout goddamn time

oh, and my calc class?
i am skilled


scharnhorst und gneisenau

been one of those weeks, definitely
haven't gotten a damn thing accomplished
besides working, which doesnt really matter
because you can bust your ass
or just stand around looking stupid
and get done about the same amount

i wonder how long i can stay awake
i have to get up at 9`30 for my calc exam
watching the hours tick past
i've got about 6 1/2 left
very reminiscent of high school

only about a week left
week to eight days
something necessary
and, hopefully, very good for me



i dont even know where to begin with this
beginning seems like a good place
so here goes

woke up at noon, went to psych
got an awesome lecture by a funny guy
dr caldwell
hope i get him as a prof someday
skipped calc
what else is new

now, about six at night
things begin to go awry:

–six, took a nap, woke up at eight
i dont know why i was that tired,
but i was, and i had a funny conversation with andy about it

–nine, went to work [ciao]
closed with akemi
i thought that would cap off the evening
but i was fucking wrong, apparently

–bout 1, i come back up
there's a sort of powwow in the hallway, and i join in
soon the whole floor's there
some more...happy...than others
happiness being a side-effect of 'lohocla' [as it was put]
and it was quite entertaining
kinda odd, but very funny
and then i went to 7/11 about two
came back, they were still there
dispersed about two thirty

–three o'clock the fire alarm goes off
the fire alarm, again
fucking thing hates us all
so we're standing outside in 15º weather
my roommate, very comfortable
in his coat, beanie, and shorts/flipflops
i'm cold, others are cold
griffin offers that we should go to taco bell
after a bit of goading and tiring of the cold, we set off
taco bell's full, decided to go to insomnia cookies
they were closed
so we [joe, matt, griffin and myself] went to spartan gyros
stayed there till about four
when i remembered:
andy didnt have keys to the room
and i had locked the door

–i get back, he's crashed on bambach's couch
after i unlocked the door
we got him to go back
i thanked bambach
and heard my door lock
and my keys were sitting on my desk
so i got there in time for him to let me in

welcome to the mc escher drawing that has been my evening