what's the matter, mary jane, had a hard day?
so place the 'don't disturb' sign on the door
you lost your place in line again, what a pity,
you never seem to want to dance anymore

it's a long way down on this roller coaster
the last–chance streetcar went off the track
and you're on it

i hear you're counting sheep again, mary jane
what's the point of trying to dream anymore?
i hear you're losing weight again, mary jane
do you ever wonder who you're losing it for?

well, it's full speed, baby, in the wrong direction
there's a few more bruises if that's the way
you insist on heading

please be honest, mary jane, are you happy?
please don't censor your tears

you're the sweet crusader, and you're on your way
you're the last great innocent
and that's why i love you

so take this moment, mary jane, and be selfish
worry not about the cars that go by
'cuz all that matters, mary jane, is your freedom
so keep warm, my dear, keep dry

tell me, what's the matter, mary jane?



i can hear my train comin'
it's a lonesome and distant cry
i can hear my train comin'
now i'm runnin' for my life
what makes a man walk away from his mind?
i think i know
i think i might know

i can feel the wind blowin'
it's sending shivers down my spine
i can feel the wind blowin'
it shakes the trees and the power lines
what makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?
i think i know
i think i might know

i can see the sun settin'
it's casting shadows on the sea
i can see the sun, it's settin'
it's getting colder and starting to freeze
what makes a man what to break a heart with ease?
i think i know
i think i might know

well i can hear my train comin'
looks like time is not on my side
well i can hear my train comin'
i'm still runnin' for my life
what makes a man pray when he's about to die?
i think i know
i think i might know



i feel the need to share this,
mostly because i can,
and partly because i'll forget to if i don't now

i just got back from the longest trek i've ever taken in e/l
in short:
i started at knob hill apartments in okemos
i ended at phillips hall in east lansing
i left at 3`30 a/m
i got back at 5`06 a/m
distance? 5 miles
temperature? –2º
beard? frozen
it was well worth it

and now, to bed
cuz i'm fucking tired



no walls can keep me protected
no sleep, nothing in between me and the rain
and you can't save me now,
i'm in the grip of a hurricane
i'm gonna blow myself away

no home, i don't want your shelter
no calm, nothing to keep me from the storm
and you can't hold me down
'cuz i belong to the hurricane
it's gonna blow us all away

i hope that you see me,
'cuz i'm staring at you
but when you look over,
you look right through
then you lean and kiss her on the head
and i never felt so alive,
and so dead

i'm going out,
i'm gonna drink myself to death
and in the crowd,
i see you with someone else
i brace myself,
'cuz i know it's going to hurt
but i like to think at least things can't get any worse