kõrbe kuumuses liiva
lendab kui jääkülma lund
öö peagi laotamas tiivad
rändajaid saatma jääb tuul

külmunud hingi vaid saadab
kuuvalgus, varje neist loob
päikesekiirena sooja
hommik taas endaga toob

nad rändavad nii päevast päeva
nad rändavad siis ajast aega
ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb
ta ootab kui riskida julged

üle mägede taevasse kaigub hääl

see on tee, nad rändavad nii päevast päeva
see on tee, nad rändavad siis ajast aega
see on tee, ta nähtamatu rajana kulgeb
nende ees, ta ootab kui riskida julged


touhou eiyashou

been a while, hasn't it?
i'm sure you were all just crushed

since i'm sure a few of you are expecting this:
rundown of what i did on thursday:
so that was fun
i honestly didn't do anything on my birthday
i read some graphic novels, had bagel bites
and then watched a movie later that night
my facebook got plenty of action, though
[i got messages from people i haven't seen in YEARS
weird how that works]

friday, however, is a different story
after having a delicious meal of boneless ribs at bdubs
[which was not a good idea]
i went up to dublin square to get some guinness in me
met up with jillian [who i'd kept waiting], chrissy, and sean
saw liz and beagles too, but they were heading to a co–op
it was a pretty good night, all told
finally had an irish carbomb [two, actually]
went back to sean's, watched some archer
[HOLY SHIT do i love that show like you wouldn't believe]
didn't sleep much, went to ihop for breakfast,
then drove home
doesn't quite reach dr merrill's epic 21st,
but i suppose it'll do

finally got to play some carter with tennis today
i've missed it
him and i made really good partners back in the day
and it's just fun to hit around with him for a while
when him and nick are playing together, though
oh man
it's like watching slapstick

nothing else to really report
still unemployed, still lonely, still pale and bearded
i've been reading a lot since i got home though,
which is something i've really been missing out on
it's nice to finally do it on my terms
hopefully i'll keep it up all summer
other than that, i got nothing

i got this:
this year's eurovision contest was one by germany
a song called 'satellite' by lena
i'm glad the eurovision winners are keeping my prediction true,
which is that each year the winning song gets much, much worse
i made that prediction in during the 2007 contest
that winner was 'molitva' by marija šerifović [a decent song, at best]
i figured, if that one managed to beat out all the others,
it'd only keep getting worse
in 2008, dima bilan won with 'believe'
in 2009, alexander rybak won with 'fairytale'
[in his defense, though, he can fiddle like a sumbitch]
and this year, lena won
see what i mean?



glóandi augu, silfurnátt
bloð alvöru, starir á
óður hundur er í vígamoð, í maga... mér

kolniður gref, kvik sem dreg hér
kolniður svart, hvergi bjart né

kolniður og, mistur úti
en í mér, rikir óveður

kolniður og dimmur lekur blek
eg reyni og brenni báta skel
langt móldur og okkur
myrkyr grám, grám hér
dauða hjár, linnurst, skrjáfandi

ein brý aður, ég út von nei
sjálfur blindur a, yfir nóg
og ég kjústigpað um...

dúru rurú
dúru rurú



i got to cook today
and i was fucking ecstatic about it
i very rarely enjoy making myself food
[even though i love eating good stuff]
but today, goddamn it, i was gonna
so i did
and the resulting feast was glorious
i made a russian meal of epic proportions
schi, two types of salat, chicken kiev,
along with some nice dark rye and tvorog
finished off with some black tea
made me feel like i was back in volgograd
[also, i'm getting closer to perfecting the schi
i'm trying to replicate lyuda's,
but i'm still not there yet]
at any rate, i'm debating what i should make next
i'm sure i'll think of something

also, since i've been asked about it by a number of people,
the play was incredible
we had a disappointing turnout,
[probly due to cancelling one of the performances]
but man did they appreciate it
and the show really pulled itself together tech week
first day down in the theater put everything in motion
[unlike some other recent roial shows,
brick and oppenheimer, to name a few]
and we had three fucking amazing shows that weekend
i'm kinda sorry to see that show end
i don't pine after it like lots of actors do,
but i'd still love to do another performance
it's nice to end the year on a high note like that
pity i couldn't have last year, too

i'm sure none of you give a rat's ass about this,
but my job search is ever ongoing
hopefully i'll find something halfway decent
that or something that pays well
god knows i'll need as much money as i can get my hands on
housing in nyc ain't gonna be cheap

also, as a complete sidenote:
they updated the wikipedia homepage
and refurbed some details of it
most notably: the links aren't as blue as they used to be
they're more blue/gray now
why do i always notice shit like this?


live at gotham

hey blogosphere, guess what?
i actually have something to say today
nice a change of pace, isn't it?
i would've shared a few days ago,
but i figured i'd let finals finish before i did

i got good news about three days ago
first good news i'd gotten in a while, actually
turns out, i got accepted for the internship i applied for
but, that in and of itself isn't a huge deal
the big deal is that it's a semester long
and it's not at msu
this fall, i'm gonna be studying at cuny on scholarship,
[city university of new york]
taking classes in labor history
and interning with a union organization
[plus, i get a weekly stipend]
i'm pretty fuckin stoked about it

i figured i should probly make this public knowledge
especially since i'll have to cancel on some commitments,
but it's still kinda cool, yeah?
i've been lookin to take a break from school for a while
msu's great, don't get me wrong,
but the novelty starts to wear off after a while
and, nothing like new york for a change of pace,
hopefully my dislike for it will wear off quickly

also, since i'm sure some of you would jump at the opportunity,
consider this an open invitation to come visit
i'm sure i could use the company



bury me softly in this womb
i give this part of me for you
sand rains down and here i sit,
holdin' rare flowers in a tomb... in bloom

down in a hole, and i don't know if i can be saved
see my heart? i decorate it like a grave
you don't understand who they thought i was supposed to be
look at me now: a man who won't let himself be

down in a hole, and they've put all the stones in their place
i've eaten the sun, so my tongue has been burned of the taste
i have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth
i will speak no more of my feelings beneath

bury me softly in this womb
[oh, i want to be inside of you]
i give this part of me for you
[oh, i want to be inside of you]
sand rains down and here i sit,
holdin' rare flowers in a tomb... in bloom
[oh, i want to be inside of you]
oh, i want to be inside

down in a hole, feelin' so small
down in a hole, losin' my soul
i'd like to fly,
but my wings have been so denied