farewell, vain world, i'm going home!
my savior smiles and bids me come,
and i don't care to stay here long!
sweet angels beckon me away,
to sing god's praise in endless day,
and i don't care to stay here long!

i'm glad that i am born to die,
from grief and woe my soul shall fly,
and i don't care to stay here long!
bright angels shall convey me home,
away to new jerusalem,
and i don't care to stay here long!

right up yonder, christians, away up yonder,
o, yes my lord, for i don't care to stay here long!


and am i born to die?
to lay this body down,
and must my trembling spirit fly
into a world unknown?

a land of deepest shade,
unpierced by human thought,
the dreary regions of the dead,
where all things are forgot.

so as soon from earth i go,
what will become of me?
eternal happiness or woe,
must then my trumpet be

waken by the trumpet sound,
i, from my grave, shall rise;
and see the judge with glory crowned,
and see the flaming skies.



i think i've developed a trend
to date, i've killed three animals with my dad's car since '05
all three of them have been cats
the most recent one was a couple days ago
perhaps its a sign
or maybe it means cats should watch out for me
cuz i brake for nothing, even kitties

someday soon i'll post a link to my russia photos
maybe, if i sort through all of them
and find somewhere to put them
and if anyone here actually wants to see them

i love finding things i like by accident
whether something just catches my eye
or i pick something up by chance
i've done that with music and video games lately
and it's yielded good results

my uncle ed's coming to stay with us for a few days
haven't seen him in a couple years,
so i'm looking forward to it
though i wish it could be under better circumstances
maybe it will turn out ok, maybe it won't
i'm sure you'll be hearing about it either way
in the next few days, i'd imagine



i have to say, i appreciate the 'rain' that we're getting
it's a shit ton better than humid 95º days
i'm probly the only person here right now who thinks that
and i can live with that

the possibility is high that i'll have an unproductive summer
i've already settled into my routine from last year
though if i end up doing the same things,
it won't bother me nearly as much,
since i actually accomplished something this year
it is possible i'll get something done these summer months
i'm supposed to help make a russian club website
so we'll see how that goes

i ended up buying a bookcase on saturday
the book stack on my nightstand was getting unstable
and i was tired of having half those books still in the boxes
[the boxes i brought them back from the store in]
so i unpacked all of them, and put them on this shelf
the case i bought was three-tiered
and was filled up long before i ran out of books
which means sometime in the future, i'll need another
especially after this saturday comes to pass

it appears i have a new favorite fps
we'll see how long it lasts
it's a good game, so it might hold that title for a while
it also appears i've been on an alanis morissette kick lately
i never knew 'supposed former infatuation junkie' was so good
i've almost like it better than 'jagged little pill', but not quite
guess it's a time of revelation for me