eden roc

its a weird news week

–they finally found radovan karadžić, of all people... apparently he was hiding in belgrade as a practicing doctor for 13 years, [for those who don't know, he's a bosnian politician who's been charged with committing war crimes during the bosnian civil war in the 90s]

–zimbabwe introduced a new currency: the 100 billion dollar note [currently the exchange rate for $1 US is 425,276,250,000 zimbabwean dollars]

–the first ever nepali presidential election was won by ram baran yadav of the nepali congress party [a centrist democratic socialism party], only two months after the communist party of nepal abolished nepal's 240 monarchy

–estelle getty died [apparently she had dementia]

–paul mccartney of all people told the parti québécois to 'smoke the pipes of peace and to just put away your hatchets', and was received with upset and hostility when he arrived in montreal to play for the 400th anniversary of quebec city [the parti québécois is internationally known for its attempts to gain national sovereignty and secede from canada]

–christian bale was arrested and released on bail for allegations that he assaulted his mother and sister [he was arrested in london]

–a man in jerusalem went on a rampage while driving a backhoe, and rammed into cars and buses before being shot and killed by border police

–the first trial of salim hamdan [former driver for osama bin laden] began in guantanamo bay, with hamdan pleading not guilty to charges of conspiracy and supporting terrorism

–a case was brought forward in may by three citizens of the greek island of lesbos allegating that the term 'lesbian' referring to gay women was an insult to their identity and asked that it be banned. a judge in athens saw it differently, and ruled against them

–a man who was angry about a proposed third runway an heathrow airport in london superglued himself to gordon brown, the english prime minister. when that failed, he tried to glue himself to the gates of downing street, but he didn't have enough glue

–in iran, a man and eight woman have been sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery [iranian law states that men must be buried up to the waist and women up to the chest before being stoned, and the rocks must not be big enough to kill the person immediately]

–researchers from chichester university in england discovered that being a drummer in a rock band is the equivalent of being a top athlete; drummers tested had heart rates around 190 bpm after 90 minutes of playing, and an hour in concert can burn up to 600 calories [smith also the stamina of rock drummers needs to be outstanding since they can play hundreds of concerts a year, while athletes play only once or twice week for the duration of their season]



its just like him
to wander off in the evergreen park
slowly searching
for any sign of the ones he used to love
he says he's got nothing left to live for
and this time i think you'll know

she's just like him
spoiled rotten, confused by the lies she's been fed
and she's searching for no one but herself
her eyes turn to green
and she seems to be happy that she is here
and this time i think you'll know

you're not alone
there is more to this i know
you can make it out
you will live to tell

you are not alone
you're not, you're not