looks like my weekend is setting itself up to be a fucking blast
–ibrary/research for my paper
–app/class schedules
–studying for geography exam
–reading for three classes

i hate my writing professor
that is all

i'm debating whether i should take русский язык again next year
i don't really know what i'd take in place of it
possibly italian, or hebrew [if i'm feeling ridiculously brazen]
its nothing against russian, but i'd like to branch out linguistically
though i may just decide to stick with it another year
who the fuck knows

fictionpress is a ridiculous site
and by ridiculous, i mean that
the fucking text editor wouldn't work for me at all yesterday
at all
fuckin thing pisses me off, man
parts of it are so user-unfriendly



man, i worked a lot yesterday
10-8 [minus an hour and a half in the middle]
wasn't too busy, though, and it is money

i'm in geography right now, and it is hell of boring
though i do have a quiz at some point
speaking of classes
i have to start getting my shit together for next year
i want to take as many reqs as i can
i just have to sit down and decide what i want to take
that and manage to get an appointment with my advisor[s]

i really, really need to get my paper done for history
i just hope i can come up with a good plot
otherwise, its really gonna suck
and if i'm gonna write a short story for a paper
it better be damn good, or i'm gonna feel like failure
moreso than i normally do


fail [not made of win]

fucking essay for my fucking writing class
stupid bitch is never satisfied
i hope she dies a horribly painful death
while i'm around, so i can point and laugh

i love thursdays
because i don't fucking work
speaking of work, my boots have finally been compromised
they aren't waterproof anymore
because their ripping along the seam
so i wrapped one of them with gorilla tape
and it amused andy greatly

woot for skipping русский язык
well, not really, cuz i should go
but i have to read a book for history
that i couldn't before
cuz of that damn paper




[chef brian] time. it holds us in its grasp like a giant koala with dentures. we are slaves. slaves to denture koala and his army of lightbulbs with feet. butternut pop-tarts are my favorite
[tomato] i am a giant tomato filled with love. i have come to sell you a house made of pancakes
[chef brian] and a garage made from the souls of little children?
[tomato] ...yes
[chef brian] HISSSSS!
[tomato] pork
[chef brian] the cactus shall call it stupendiferous! let us achieve!
[tomato] jubilation!

[chef brian] gasp!
[tomato] your flavor is maple
[chef brian] it's as beautiful as a newborn hubcap
[tomato] tell me your thoughts, that i may ingest them
[chef brian] i am thinking .... (imagine a fork fucking a spoon while the spoon says 'oh, fork me baby! fork me!
[tomato] my chewy center weeps
[chef brian] i shall live in these commodious cakes of the pan!

[chef brian] what must i do?!
[tomato] you know what you must do
[chef brian] what must i do?!
[tomato] you know what you must do
[chef brian] what must--
[tomato] DANCE!
[chef brian] little do you know that pudding is my middle name! your downfall is my winter coat! SHOCK!
[lightbulb with feet] begone. this is not for your brains


the floating head of robert mitchum

so on the winds, we sail forth
on the sea of chalupas, CHALUPAS!
when out of the ocean
the great chalupa king
he comes with his mighty bolt
of electric lightning fury
my chalupas i defend!
from the king of the great chalupa sea
with his arms of modern steam powered engine of the future
6.99 for a value meal, 6.99 for a value meal



the seven rules of nationalism
[a beginner's guide to ethnic politics]

1] if an area was ours for 500 years and yours for 50 years,
it belongs to us– you are merely occupiers
2] if an area was yours for 500 years and ours for 50 years,
it belongs to us– borders must not be changed
3] if an area belong to us for 500 years but never since then,
it belongs to us– its the cradle of our nation
4] if a majority of our people live there,
it must belong to us– they must have the right of self-determination
5] if a minority of our people live there,
it must belong to us– they must be protected from your oppression
6] all of the above rules apply to us, but not to you
7] our dream is one one on historical necessity; yours is fascism

i thought it was clever
but i'm sure i'm the only one
so never mind



the fact that i always have to log in twice bothers me
not all the time, and not always a lot
but its still irritating

i was going through some old notebooks today
and i came across my one from mcbride's class
i found part of the 'journal' entry i wrote that year
the topic was 'this is who i am and what i believe':

'i believe that every person should be allowed to be alone if they want to be

i believe that people have the right to tell their friends to f_ck off if they get on your nerves

i believe that being angry all your life will shorten your life considerably, but the good do die young

i believe that putting seniors and freshmen in the same class is blasphemy on par with adultery

i believe that once i'm in college, i will be happier overall

i believe that true friends are too rare to have five best friends in high school

i believe that being a zoroastrian is worth it just to get people to pronounce it

i believe that ignorance isn't bred

i believe that not being able to speak your mind on a regular basis will cause problems later in life

i believe that history is one of the most overlooked classes in education, because
i know that those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it

i believe that if you do not become accustomed to failure, or at least accepting of it
it will cause irreparable damage to your mental state when it catches up to you

and i believe that none of my beliefs will come to fruition
because people never want to change, or see the need to'