gales ferry

it was windier than fuck today
made my eyes water like crazy
almost blew me into the road at one point
[bout time something blew me]
and its only 15º right now

those who wondered [or cared]
brahms' tragic overture?
not that tragic
but the war requiem?
pretty damn tragic

hard to believe the semester's almost over
just about time to fail my exams
fucking whoo

tomorrow [amendment, today]'s gonna be a fuckin blast
its got its reasons
and plenty of them



blah blah thanksgiving blah food blah
break blah blah more food
blah blah blah family blah good times
blah blah
there, obligatory break breakdown

its actually snowing outside
not this pansy shit
where there's a light dusting
its actually snowing
fucking finally, man

because i dont really feel like writing anything
and i'm sure for those [if any] that read this
they probly get tired of my bitchings
therefor, create your own post for me
make it as depressing, enlightened, irritated, joyous as you wish
some may remember this from about a year and a half ago





we all know the internet is a fuckin weird place
well, its gotten weirder
my evidence?
for those who need the convenience

though i vowed not to complain about work
today is a special rescinding clause of that vow
there was a special dinner tonight
for a select group of people
so special, apparently
they required special serving dishes and dishware
which means, instead of "unbreakable" plastic dishes
they got ceramic dishes and glass plates
ceramic and glass
going through our dishroom
it were not a pleasant thing
that and, ryan [a boss] told us
'yeah, drop one of these, and i lose my job'
the hell?
these mustve been some powerful special people

it was grayer than shit today
it hasnt been that bleak in a while
perhaps its a sign,
mostly of the weather every time i have no classes


house of croÿ

fucking blogger
the last half dozen times i've posted
i've had to log in twice
what the hell, blogger? what the hell

and now,
'things written on napkins and sent down the dishline',
parts II and III

'dear dish room,
why so much guns n roses?
do you hate us?
if so, why? we love you
we appreciate all you do
you're just about the best dish room ever
please tell the music guy to keep it to one gnr a day
[not sweet child of mine]
katie, age 9'

'dear dish room,
if you don't control the music,
please direct this note to whoever does
1 guns 'n' roses song = acceptable
2 [or 5] equates to cruel and unusual punishment
please restrain yourselves [but not with country]
a frequent gallery visitor'

nice to see we illicit such love from our diners



i fucking hate blogger
fucking thing keeps trying to write in devanagari
piece of shit

for those few who read this
do not try to understand what follows
because this is me answering my own thoughts
disregard, and keep scrolling

[–because you like feeling it, even though you shouldn't
–you're a masochist
–why the hell do you keep trying? just let it die like its supposed to, and it won't keep trying to come back
–because you're a moron
–you thought it would work, and you're wrong
–don't let him know; he won't care
–quit while you're ahead, or you're going to drive yourself into the ground
–your work ethic is stronger than it should be, thats why, and its too late to go back or quit
–because you're afraid they'll love you back, and it bothers you
–what kind of pussy are you? stop
–cant you make it three more days? the hell's your fortitude?
–forget it]

the football team won today: they beat penn state
going to a bowl game
first time since 2003
its something
it was a good game, though

i need thanksgiving to be here
so i can recuperate... and plan
and watch my plans fall through
like they always do

apparently i dont need to meet with my history professor
seems my paper was either
i] excellently done, necessitating only minor revisions, or
ii] moderately done, with straightforward, obvious and copious revisions
guess which one i'm going with
either way, that means i have no classes tuesday
shit a brick



it would seem
that i no longer have a psychology professor
he was in a car accident wednesday
and he's gonna be out the rest of the semester
which means:
guest lectures

should be a boring time until thanksgiving
one quiz, one oral exam, one meeting
no classes tuesday
work will tuesday
no homework
not gonna have a lot to do
[and a solo audition
more of necessity than desire
not sure anyone else wants it]

time to be boring



i fucking hate sad realizations
i was talking to a girl i work with
and she said, in jest [i hope]
'i'd rather listen to arnold [a chef] bitch for half an hour
than listen to you bitch for five minutes'
makes me realize that, not just me
but everyone complains
fucking stupid
it needs to stop

it would seem that my nightmares are back
and let me tell you
this one?
oh, it was great
not only was it incredibly violent
it was confusing, and really disturbing
the unsettled kind of disturbing
it throws a nice wrench in the cog
though, i'll say this
i'd rather wake up fuckin terrified
than wake up fuckin confused
like i usually do
swear to god, dreams are some weird shit
and no, i'm not complaining here
i'm merely informing
for anyone who actually gives a damn

if you dont already know
i have an incredible love for webcomics
i've spent many a long, long night
reading through entire archives of them
and i'm always looking for more to enjoy
if you know any, feel free to tell me
you may just get a hug out of it

the more dr karon tell us about psychiatric medicines
and explanations of what horrid things they do
and the more we learn about how much they dont want to talk to people
instead just giving prescriptions
and not even caring about what happens afterwards
the more i fucking hate the two people i had to see
i hope they rot in hell



why the fuck is it warm again?
i was sweating all night long
i want my damn cold back

this is the third week in a row
i've skipped calc on monday
prehaps a trend has set

at exactly 1`26 last night
i finished my a/b
fuckin thing's 16 pages long
if i dont get a good grade on it
....i dunno
i'll either have a psychotic break
or i'll go on a rampage
or i'll just swear a lot

now that i've finally finished that fucking beast
i can catch up on all the psych reading i've put off
which is about 8 chapters
thats gonna be a blast

my russian teacher is still in absentia
dunno if she'll be back for our test tomorrow
the guy we had today was awesome
i just liked having him
crazy bastard
wonder what the shadower guy thought of it


seven bridges of königsberg

only four more sources to find
then only six to write up
and i'm done

one of the people who lives on my floor
jumped out a third story window tonight
i dunno who it was, or why
but he's obviously in the hospital right now
i didnt even know it had happened until the ambulances showed up
he mustve jumped while i was at 7/11

andy's going to have a shadow the next day or so
i guess its a 'prospective honors college student'
so he's gonna follow him around
apparently learn what its like to be in the h/c
and he's staying here tonight
the catch?
we have no furniture
so unless he brings an inflatable mattress
he's sleeping on the floor
i guess he's also a history major
so why he's shadowing a business major is beyond me

i would pay an exhorbitant amount of money
to never wake up with a migraine ever again
ive had one every day this week
not helping my concentration any

i would love
if the loud groups of people who randomly walk by would shut the hell up
i dunno what theyre going on about
but i dont give a damn
and i dont want to hear about it



i think my head is trying to mount an insurrection
the last couple days i've woken up with splitting headaches
my excedrin supply is running low

[insert obligatory complaint about a/b]

i was relatively dry when i got back from work today
'relatively' meaning only my pants were wet, below the knees
which is good
usually i'm soaked

i wonder how the election went today
hopefully, for the sake of flint
williamson wasnt reelected
yet somehow, i cant help thinking he was

before i forget, i have a 'potatoe'
from sunday, so forgive the lateness:
i'm working at ciao
trying to get through a line of about ten people
some girl was asking about what kinds of cheese we had
i told her what they were (mozzarella, swiss, monterey jack and american)
and she says
swear to god
'what, y'all ain't got no canadian cheese?'

как ты сказал?



fair salamis, the billows’ roar,
wander around thee yet,
and sailors gaze upon thy shore
firm in the ocean set.
thy son is in a foreign clime
where ida feeds her countless flocks,
far from thy dear, remembered rocks,
worn by the waste of time–
comfortless, nameless, hopeless save
in the dark prospect of the yawning grave....
woe to the mother in her close of day,
woe to her desolate heart and temples gray,
when she shall hear
her loved one’s story whispered in her ear!
“woe, woe!’ will be the cry–
no quiet murmur like the tremulous wail
of the lone bird, the querulous nightingale–


sparty the weasel

dorm's gonna be locked down
all of them will be
crazy shit's gonna be going on
its going to be loud, obnoxious, and distracting
the way it ought to be for good football games
but here's hoping i manage to get something done tomorrow

sometimes i really despise the internet
so much distraction
aim, facebook, blogs, webcomics, wikipedia, random shit
doesnt help my procrastination any
or my insomnia

there was a huge group of people today in the caf
all came in at once
we got slammed for a good twenty minutes
apparently they all came from the basketball game
why did they always have to come here?



honest to christ
i wasted the last nine hours doing nothing
when i couldve already finished part II of my a/b
fucking ridiculous
i hate when i do it
its a never ending cycle

i would love to just curl up in a corner
draw a blanket around me
and be completely unnoticed
no one aiming me at two in the morning
no one telling me things i dont care about
just being alone
...wont happen
but i can try

its going to be a long goddamn weekend